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Business and Private Aviation

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Personal welcome:

- Guidance, positioning and chocking of aircraft, surveillance of runway area, cabin cleaning, fueling (JET A1 and Avgas 100LL)

- Services for crews: operations service (filing flight plans, weather briefing, Notams, time-slot management), reception of crews and baggage, catering, concierge service (taxi, hotel, rental car, limousine reservations)

- Services for passengers: personalised welcome. We take care of you from your car on arrival at the airport until take-off, with assistance, baggage transport, a concierge service (taxi, hotel, rental car, limousine reservations), catering and access to VIP lounge if required. For all customised requests, please send an email to or call 04 66 70 49 49.

- Since 1 July 2016, assistance has been obligatory for planes weighing 6 metric tons or over. Please contact airport operations for information: or call 04 66 70 49 49